Connective Tissue

Gum grafting with connective tissue emerges as a pivotal procedure within the realm of periodontal care, signifying a transformative intervention meticulously undertaken by our specialized team at Periodontal Associates. Led by our skilled periodontists, our commitment revolves around ensuring patients not only attain enhanced dental aesthetics but also experience a substantial improvement in their oral health.

This surgical procedure, aimed at rectifying gum recession, involves the strategic introduction of healthy tissue to areas undergoing decline. Despite its initial intimidating impression, the multifaceted advantages of gum grafting with connective tissue make it a worthwhile endeavor. A prominent motivation for undergoing this procedure is the alleviation of tooth root exposure. Exposed roots often result in heightened sensitivity to temperature variations in foods and beverages. Beyond providing relief from discomfort, gum grafting shields these vulnerable areas, diminishing the risk of future root cavities.

Beyond mitigating sensitivities and cavities, gum grafting serves as a proactive measure in curtailing the progression of gum recession. Left untreated, gum recession poses an escalating risk of further tissue loss. Addressing this issue head-on through gum grafting enables the elimination of potential future gum loss, thereby safeguarding the overall health and stability of teeth. The benefits extend beyond health considerations, as a receding gum line can aesthetically distort the appearance of teeth, making them appear disproportionately long. Through gum grafting, we rejuvenate the gum line, restoring a harmonious and pleasing aspect to the patient’s smile.

In rare instances, extreme gum recession can compromise tooth stability, potentially leading to tooth loss. Here, gum grafting serves as a protective measure, eradicating the risk of future tooth loss attributable to gum recession. Our proficiency in gum grafting with connective tissue is a testament to our specialized training. Serving residents across Denver in Greenwood Village, Englewood, Centennial, Denver, Parker, Lone Tree and Aurora, we stand as a beacon of excellence in periodontal care. Our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled care solidifies our status as the preferred choice for many seeking expert advice on gum grafting and other periodontal concerns in Aurora, Colorado. For consultations or inquiries, contact Dr. Douglas Heller or Dr. Eric Beckman at 303-755-4500.