Laser Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease has undergone extensive research and treatment innovations, leading to the emergence of laser periodontal therapy. Traditionally, gum disease treatments involved invasive procedures that could be discomforting for patients. Laser periodontal therapy revolutionizes periodontal care by harnessing the precision and efficiency of laser energy.

The unique power of lasers lies in their ability to target and eliminate various bacteria beneath the gums, responsible for inflammation and tissue deterioration. This technique ensures a thorough cleansing of deep periodontal pockets, a hallmark of advancing gum disease. Laser periodontal therapy stands out for its effectiveness in reducing these challenging pockets, allowing gum tissue to securely reattach to the tooth’s root surface, promoting a healthier and more stable oral environment.

The benefits of laser periodontal treatments extend beyond the gums, showcasing its potential to stimulate bone regeneration around teeth. In cases where bone recession has occurred due to gum disease, the laser can prompt the rebuilding of bone. Considering the systemic impact of gum disease on overall health, with links to heart diseases and diabetes, the advent of laser periodontal therapy becomes even more critical — a significant movement in healthcare rather than just an evolution in periodontal disease treatment.

Dr. Douglas Heller and Dr. Eric Beckman, offer laser periodontal therapy in Aurora, Colorado, as one of the latest and most advanced tools in their comprehensive treatment approach. Our commitment is unwavering — to provide the best periodontal care possible. Laser periodontal therapy represents a crucial component of our arsenal in the battle against gum disease. Prospective patients are encouraged to trust in the expertise of our periodontists and commence their treatment at Periodontal Associates by calling 303-755-4500. This therapy marks a milestone in oral healthcare, seamlessly integrating precision, efficiency and patient comfort in the fight against gum disease.