Pocket Reduction Therapy

In the realm of periodontal treatments, our experienced periodontists and dedicated team proudly offer pocket reduction therapy. This specialized procedure aims to diminish the depth of pockets formed between gum tissue and teeth, addressing a crucial aspect of oral health. Deep pockets, seemingly harmless spaces, act as reservoirs for food debris, harmful bacteria and plaque. Over time, these trapped particles can lead to acute infections, inflammation, discomfort and, if left untreated, eventual tooth loss.

The need for pocket reduction arises from the understanding that as these pockets deepen, they become increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible, to clean through regular brushing or professional dental cleanings. This poses a significant threat to both oral and systemic health. During the surgery, our skilled team folds back the gum tissue to meticulously remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue. If necessary, they reshape the surrounding bone to create a smooth, disease-resistant contour. The gum tissue is then repositioned snugly around the tooth, effectively reducing pocket depth and facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance.

This procedure not only halts the progression of periodontal disease but also establishes a healthier oral environment that is more cleansable. Our pocket reduction therapy in Aurora, Colorado, directly addresses the issue by making deep pockets more manageable, easier to clean and drastically lowering the risk of bacterial infections. The outcome? Healthier gums, longer-lasting teeth and a significant reduction in the progression of periodontal disease.

At Periodontal Associates, we prioritize a patient-centric approach. Understanding that dental language can be complex, we are dedicated to demystifying the process for our patients, ensuring they comprehend every step and its importance. Informed patients are empowered patients. Dr. Douglas Heller and Dr. Eric Beckman are committed to providing detailed, personalized care using advanced techniques to help you achieve your healthiest smile. We invite you to call us at 303-755-4500 today to discuss your treatment with our periodontists.