Achieving a dazzling smile goes beyond mere aesthetics; it requires a balanced gumline. The often-overlooked issue of excessive gum tissue can pose significant risks to oral health, including an increased susceptibility to gingivitis and more severe periodontal diseases. At Periodontal Associates, we offer a comprehensive solution to seamlessly enhance both oral health and aesthetics.

The presence of surplus gum tissue, commonly associated with a “gummy smile,” can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, leading to complications such as gingivitis and severe periodontal diseases. Recognizing these potential risks underscores the importance of addressing excess gum tissue promptly.
Enter gingival contouring, expertly performed by our dedicated periodontists. This procedure, also known as gingivectomy, is designed to unlock newfound confidence and radiance in your smile. Our approach is tailored to individual needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of beauty and oral health. The benefits extend beyond aesthetics, addressing concerns such as redness around crowns or bulky gum appearance. Additionally, our expertise is invaluable for cases involving gingival overgrowth due to specific medications like calcium channel blockers.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we employ state-of-the-art intraoral scanners to meticulously map the optimal placement of your gums. This advanced tool enables us to create a precise digital model, ensuring that your gums are positioned in the most esthetic and functional manner possible. The result is a smile that radiates both beauty and functionality.

Dr. Douglas Heller and Dr. Eric Beckman boast an intimate understanding of the intricate dynamics between bone and gums surrounding teeth, making them the ideal dental professionals to sculpt your new smile.

For those on the quest for a revitalized smile, call us at 303-755-4500 to schedule your gingivectomy in Aurora, Colorado. Allow us to guide you toward the smile you have always envisioned. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and embark on a journey toward a more radiant you.