When to See a Periodontist

A periodontist is a specialized dentist with three additional years of training beyond standard dental school, dedicated to preventing, diagnosing and treating infections and diseases affecting the supporting tissues of teeth and dental implants, specifically the bone and gums. Our expert periodontists and team extend their proficiency to encompass various cosmetic procedures for a comprehensive smile enhancement.

Periodontal disease begins when toxins from bacterial plaque or tartar initiate an assault on the gum tissue, progressing into deeper tissue, causing inflammation and leading to bone destruction. Despite diligent oral hygiene, these infections persist beyond routine care, necessitating professional intervention.

“Deep cleanings” or “periodontal root treatment therapy” involves removing bacterial plaque and tartar from gum pockets. While general dentists conduct these, specialized treatment by Dr. Douglas Heller or Dr. Eric Beckman is necessary in severe cases, often prompted by referrals or proactive self-referral for a consultation at Periodontal Associates.

The need for a visit includes bleeding while eating or brushing, common indicators of periodontal infection. Our comprehensive examination evaluates gums, jawbone and overall dental condition, with treatment options ranging from scaling and root planing to advanced interventions based on disease severity.

Periodontists also address infections around dental implants (peri-implantitis), offering crucial guidance on preservation or replacement. Despite being a preferred option, implants can face challenges like stress overload or gum disease. For specialized periodontal care in Aurora, Colorado, contact us at 303-755-4500 to start your journey toward a healthier smile.