Periodontal Plastic Surgery

In the realm of dental aesthetics, achieving the perfect smile requires a delicate balance between teeth and gums. Periodontal Associates, a leader in the field, specializes in the art of soft tissue augmentation, a transformative solution for enhancing crown and bridgework outcomes. Led by experienced professionals, Dr. [Doctor_name] and Dr. [Doctor_name2], the practice seamlessly blends expertise and innovation to deliver flawlessly natural and functional results.

The focal point of aesthetic excellence often lies in the anterior teeth, where the soft tissues framing the smile play a pivotal role. Achieving a harmonious blend between dental restorations and natural gums is a nuanced process, and soft tissue augmentation emerges as a precision technique in this arena. This procedure involves skillfully manipulating and reshaping gum tissue to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Heller and Dr. Beckman take pride in offering a range of approaches to soft tissue augmentation, utilizing donor tissue from various sources, including human, animal and the patient’s own tissue. This flexibility ensures a tailored treatment approach, making each smile transformation as unique as the individual. The integration of intraoral scanners further enhances the practice’s commitment to excellence, providing a comprehensive understanding of crown positioning and guiding the application of soft tissue augmentation for natural-looking and functionally impeccable results.

Soft tissue augmentation’s true power lies in its ability to craft gum contours that authentically mimic natural looks. The ultimate goal is a smile that radiates authenticity, seamlessly blending rejuvenated dental restorations with natural gums. This fusion of beauty and function is an art form in which our periodontists and team excel.

For those seeking a smile that transcends perfection, we offer periodontal plastic surgery in Aurora, Colorado, serving as the architects of transformation. Contact Periodontal Associates at 303-755-4500 to schedule your consultation to start today.