Free Gingival Grafting

Dedicated to advancing dental care, our periodontists and team employ state-of-the-art solutions to address specific oral health challenges. One such transformative technique in our repertoire is the free gingival grafting method, strategically prescribed under certain circumstances. This innovative approach is tailored to fortify and rejuvenate existing gum tissue, contributing to its strength and resilience.

The focal point of free gingival grafting revolves around enhancing the structural integrity of the gums. In cases marked by significant bone and gum tissue loss around teeth or implants, this procedure proves invaluable. The daily rigors our gums face necessitate occasional interventions to sustain their health and vitality. Free gingival grafting emerges as a vital ally in this pursuit, offering a substantial boost to gum strength, thereby ensuring their continued ability to protect and support teeth effectively.

While commonly associated with root coverage, it is crucial to discern the specific attributes of free gingival grafting. Unlike procedures primarily targeting root coverage, the primary objective here is to fortify the gum’s natural defenses and enhance stability around teeth and implants. Implants rely heavily on a stable gum foundation for optimal functionality. Free gingival grafting plays a pivotal role in maintaining this foundation, minimizing potential issues. Beyond immediate advantages, the reinforcement of existing gum tissue serves as a proactive measure against future gum loss. Since gums act as a protective barrier for teeth, preventing their recession through preemptive strengthening reduces the likelihood of rare cases leading to tooth loss.

Our commitment to dental excellence resonates across the Denver area, with Dr. Douglas Heller and Dr. Eric Beckman extending their expertise to residents in Greenwood Village, Englewood, Centennial, Denver, Parker, Lone Tree and Aurora. If you are considering free gingival grafting in Aurora, Colorado, do not hesitate to contact Periodontal Associates at 303-755-4500. Your oral health journey is our priority, and we are honored to guide you towards lasting solutions.