The Heller Siblings’ Secrets to a Healthy Life

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Recently we asked Dr. Heller’s children, Teigan and Rigley to explain what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are their sage solutions!

Teigan Heller

When you feel good, you can be healthy. However, achieving a healthy lifestyle isn’t always “As easy as it looks!! Many people don’t frequently visit the dentist. This is a problem. Periodontal Associates works to aid a healthy lifestyle.

A few days ago, I came to my dad’s office (Doug Heller’s office). He had scheduled a teeth cleaning for me and my brother, Rigley.  As one of his associates cleaned my teeth, I kept on thinking about the result. When the mirror shined on my face, my teeth were as clean as ever! It is so easy to get lost in time while you’re at Periodontal Associates because everyone there is super nice to me and my brother.

A healthy lifestyle is important and if you wish to achieve it, visit Periodontal Associates. A healthy lifestyle can be described in so many unique ways; it’s almost…undefinable.

Written by Teigan Heller Age 11 3/7/24

Rigley Heller

A healthy lifestyle requires overall physical, mental and emotional well being. It involves making different choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things you should do in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced Nutrition: Make sure that you eat a wide variety in order to stay healthy, such as protein, to help build muscle.

Constant Exercise: This makes it so you can improve health and strengthen muscles. If you lack exercise join a sport or run for about 20 minutes a day.

Sleep: This helps repair your body and recharge you for the next day. Without sleep, you will deal with stress and tiredness.

Hydration: The body is more than 70% water, meaning that you should drink water constantly. That means that adults should drink 8-10 glasses a day.

Written by Rigley Heller 3/7/24


In conclusion, the insights shared by Teigan and Rigley Heller provide a refreshing perspective on leading a healthy lifestyle. Their observations remind us that while the path to well-being might differ for each person, the underlying principles remain the same. Their wisdom, beyond their years, serves as an inspiration for both young and old to prioritize health in all aspects of life.