Care & Maintenance

Maintaining the longevity and optimal function of dental implants requires a unique approach, considering their differences from natural teeth. While dental implants share many resemblances with natural teeth, they lack certain protective mechanisms, making proactive care essential. Unlike natural teeth, implants lack a periodontal ligament and a precise gum tissue barrier, emphasizing the need for dedicated attention to prevent complications like peri-implantitis.

To safeguard the investment in dental implants, incorporating an additional layer of maintenance into the oral hygiene routine is crucial. Seeking care from a periodontist, such as Dr. Douglas Heller or Dr. Eric Beckman, is recommended for addressing the specific needs of implants. The expertise of a periodontist in assessing gum and bone levels around implants is invaluable for long-term implant health.

Efficient cleaning techniques play a key role in maintaining implant health. Utilizing C-shape and figure-eight flossing techniques, along with subgingival curettage using waterpiks, effectively removes debris and plaque from around the implant. Specific settings and electric toothbrushes enhance the cleaning routine, preserving the implant’s surrounding tissues.

Regular dental X-rays, taken more frequently than those for natural teeth, are vital for monitoring implant health. In full-arch implant cases, prosthesis removal every one to two years ensures the components are undamaged. Similar to a car tune-up, this preventive measure can detect and address wear and tear on implant parts before complications arise.

In case of complications, prompt intervention is essential. Our periodontists and team are equipped to handle implant-related issues, utilizing treatments such as detoxification of the implant surface with lasers and antibiotic medications. In advanced cases, procedures like bone grafting and soft tissue grafting may be necessary, and in extreme situations, implant removal might be considered.

Periodontists, with their deep understanding of bone and gum structures, are positioned as ideal dental professionals to safeguard implant health. Serving the Denver area, including Greenwood Village, Englewood, Centennial, Denver, Parker, Lone Tree and Aurora, Periodontal Associates is committed to excellence in every aspect of implant care. For those in Aurora, Colorado, looking to embrace the future of dental implant maintenance, contacting Periodontal Associates at 303-755-4500 ensures guidance and expertise for a radiant and confident smile empowered by the latest in dental technology.