Dental Implant FAQ in Aurora, CO

Embarking on your journey to a healthier smile through dental implant treatment likely sparks numerous questions. At Periodontal Associates, our periodontists, Dr. Douglas Heller and Dr. Eric Beckman, stand ready to provide swift yet comprehensive answers, empowering you to make informed decisions about your oral health.

Why Choose a Periodontist for Implant Placement?

Periodontists, with an additional three years of post-dental school training, possess the advanced expertise necessary for implant dentistry. Their deep understanding of implant placement, maintenance, and problem resolution, coupled with extensive knowledge of bone and gum structures, ensures successful integration and long-term results.

How Soon Can I Use My Implant?

Following a healing period of three to four months for osseointegration, your personalized restoration — whether a crown or bridge — can be affixed, granting you a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Does Dental Implant Surgery Cause Discomfort?

Surgery, conducted under local anesthesia, minimizes discomfort. Post-surgery, any potential discomfort is typically manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.

Will Insurance Cover My Implant?

Coverage varies widely, ranging from 50-80%. Understanding the extent and limitations of coverage, including the missing tooth clause, is crucial. The Periodontal Associates team can assist in navigating insurance details after a consultation.

Why Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Replacing a missing tooth is vital to prevent issues like adjacent teeth shifting, bite problems and bone loss. Dental implants restore both aesthetics and functionality, preventing complications and fractures.

What are the Consequences of Ignoring Tooth Extraction Sites?

Neglecting the empty space allows adjacent teeth to shift, causing bite problems, fractures and potential TMJ issues. Dental implants mitigate these complications, preserving your smile’s beauty and function.

What is the Importance of Bone Grafting and Adequate Gum Tissue?

Bone grafting ensures a sturdy implant foundation, while sufficient gum tissue is crucial for aesthetics and implant success. Gum grafting, performed by our periodontists, enhances appearance and success rates.

Dr. Heller and Dr. Beckman, experts in dental implantology in Aurora, Colorado, bring profound knowledge to guide your smile’s renewal. Serving areas like Littleton, Aurora and Highlands Ranch, contact Periodontal Associates today for comprehensive answers and exceptional periodontal care prioritizing your smile’s brilliance. Call 303-755-4500 today to start your treatment with us.